Frequently Asked Questions about the Euromillions Lottery

1. On which days of the week and at what time do Euromillion lotteries take place in Russia?
2. At what time does the official sale of Euromillion lottery tickets end before the start of the print run?
3. Where can you learn the rules of the EuroMillion lottery?
4. What are the conditions for winning the Euromillion lottery?
5. Is it possible to play the Euromillion lottery in Russia?
6. Are there different versions of the game Euromillions depending on the country where the lottery tickets are purchased?
7. How much does the Euromillion lottery ticket cost?
8. How and where can I get a win in the EuroMillion online game?
9. What is the additional "Millionaires Circulation" in the British version of Euromillion?
10. What was the biggest Euromillion jackpot since the lottery was created?
11. What are the deadlines for the payment of prizes for Euromillion winning lottery tickets?
12. What are the age limits for participation in the lottery EuroMillions?
13. What is the probability of winning the Euromillion lottery?
14. What TV channels do the Euromillions lottery draw?
15. Is there a limit on the amount of the Euromillion jackpot when it is transferred to the next run if there are no winners?
16. What is the "Super-Lottery" lottery EuroMillions?
17. Does taking part in additional drawings "my million" or "the creator of millionaires" a lottery lottery ticket Euromillion?
18. How to play the Euromillion lottery for non-residents of the countries of the Euroleton founders?

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